Next Archive - Predictive Memories.


Multimediale Installation

Audio, Video

Das "Next Archive" ist Gedankenexperiment und raumgreifende Installation. Bestehend aus 2 Videoarbeiten, 2 Audiospuren und einer begehbaren Rauminstallation lädt die Arbeit dazu ein, ein utopisch_dystopisches Narrativ der Zukunft zu erfahren.

Phase A - Reklamation
00:00 / 03:10
Phase A - Preparation
00:00 / 03:31

Where do I come from

Memory no°1

I remember well, when I was just a little girl, I had my first nightmare. I was surrounded by an endless greyish darkness – not seeing any other than an undefined nothing. It was not the directly followed creation of inner pictures and phantasies my mind started to fill the dark with, which scared me the most, it was rather this fundamental feeling of loneliness and helplessness, the darkness put me.

Memory no°2

I remember well, when I was a little older and my mother would read the book “Sophies World” from Jostein Gaarder to me and my brother. It raised questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? It was the first time I got confronted with philosophy and the unsolved mysteries in our lives. The endless openness and uncertainty of those questions scared us and we stopped reading it – my mother said, maybe it was too early for us to think about those things.


Who am I

Since then those questions are staying with me. But not just with me; those "big questions" about "essence, substance, god, force, matter or the being“ (Boris Groys) shortly, about the inexplicable in our existence, seems to be with the most of us. And since always we try to illuminate those “black boxes” and fill them either with philosophic, spiritual or scientific explanations – like theories of antique philosophers, beliefs of the bible, psychological analyses or the exploration of the universe.

The Art

Where existing knowledge and conventional science are not sufficient to make sense anymore, philosophy or religion come the fore, trying to fill in the open space. But where ratio and explanation reach their limit, Art as "the capacity to perceive phenomena in their multiplicity [...]" (Jens Badura) can lead to a broader worldview as well. For me, Art is rather about living the question and the unclear, giving us the possibility to perceive, in a sensual aesthetical way, this certain openness the world keeps for us. Art makes us able to reflect that there are limits to the clarified mind as well as that “in the beginning of true love [...] there stands an experience of unavailability.” (Juliane Rebentisch). From time to time we might therefore need to rely on something else than our minds and interpret the unknown rather as an invitation to find new, creative ways to deal with it.

Where do I go to

I once asked my grandmother: “What happens after death”. She replied, that there will be darkness and I won’t feel anything. As you’ve heard, one of my first memories is about darkness and I find it quite interesting, that I might going to experience something similar at the end as in the beginning.  But emerging from that question I started to wonder, if I am able to control “where I am going to” – and not just at the end, but as well as during my living years on earth.



Here is a first question for you:

Would you take the opportunity to take control over your future?

The answer is “Yes”.


The so-called “Next Archive” invites you to take part in a scientific study which promises to give you back control and leads you into the “Best Future”. By travelling into this best future – through the power of hypnosis – and looking back from there to the present you are going to create the so-called “future memories”. After travelling back to the past – which will then again be the present - those “predictive memories” will lead you into that best future.

To bring you now closer to the concept and give you a feeling, about how the “Next Archive” works I need you to read the following instructions carefully:


If you are not confused yet, get yourself connected stronger to your feelings first.



Phase A

Please decide either for “Utopia” or “Dystopia”:

I do believe in a Future...

1 In which all humans are able to act and think freely.

2 Without national borders.

3 Which doesn’t repeat the past.

4 In which love will be the only thing existing.

5 In which people don’t think that the climate crisis is the biggest problem, but realise that it’s actually the overpopulation.

6 In which everybody understands, that homeopathy is not reasonable at all.

7 In which we can get as old, as we want.


Phase B

What will be – will be gone 

One Request:

Please act now, otherwise the future is just falling apart into present and past.

A few Questions:

Do you believe in destiny?

Do you think that everything happens for a reason?

Would you have decided for another future a few years ago then you would decide now? 

Are you scared by the future sometimes?

Are you missing good old times?

Do you think, that tomorrow you’ll miss today?

Do you know, that we are living in a chaotic system and that even little acts can have huge effects?

Do you feel scared by that or do you feel empowered now?


Phase C

Your past is just a story, it has no power over you.

If it’s not obvious yet, here is a hint: You must think the unthinkable. Expect the unexpected and let go about your current ideas and solutions.

Please don’t use the internet, to find the correct answers here! You are already in the position and you are capable to find them by your own.


Phase D

The Future is not ours to see.

Consider the following:

Make a difference in between your “future Present” and your “present Future”.

Always leave your body behind when travelling in time.

Do not imagine, do not pretend, just be there.

Being back, don’t forget to use your body to take action.

Take action.

Writing my work | by the artist